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IT Traders Deals in Computer, Laptop, Pheripherals, Components, Networking Solutions Etc !

All Shopkeepers who deals in IT trade in Punjab & Chandigarh are our members. All Distibutors, National Distibutors, Manufacturers, importers, Assemblers, are our part. All issues of Govt. and non govt. organization related to IT trade are our issues. Smooth Business structure is our mission.!

It is state-wide Punjab IT association has finally been executed. Almost all major Punjab IT dealers have jointly come forward and established an association, named Punjab Association of Computer Traders (PACT).

The day was on October 8,2012

The presidents and representatives of all the 10 associations of Punjab participated and formed PACT. PACT is an umbrella body of 10 Punjab associations including Association of Computer Entrepreneurs (ACE) Ludhiana; Amritsar Computer Traders Association (ACTA); Jalandhar Computer Dealers Association (JCDA); Hoshiarpur Computer Dealers Association (HCDA); Nawanshahar Computer Dealers Association (NCDA); Bhatinda Computers Professional Association (BCPA); Computer Hardware Association Sangrur (CHA); Patiala Computer Dealers Association; Moga Computer Dealers Association and Chandigarh Computer Association (CCA).

Speaking on the formation of PACT, Prem Saini, president, HCDA and join secretary PACT said, "All the members and dignitaries of their respective associations deserve great appreciation. The way we all have started working for the common goal, it seems that the day is not far, when we will be in a position to give our trade a totally new direction."

"The body has been formed to address the common issues of computer dealers across Punjab like regular thefts at computer showrooms to a single platform and bring unity among all the trading associations and put collective efforts for achieving common goals."

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